Creating Global Citizens

Children using Culture Agent app for iPad

Culture Agents sets students on a path toward success in a multicultural environment while sparking global friendships that will last a lifetime.
Through our story-driven content, students embark on missions with their fellow Culture Agents to defeat the Xenophobes who are spreading fear, ignorance and arrogance throughout the world. The more students learn and share about real life in an overseas environment, the weaker the Xenophobes become.

Join the move

9 Culture Capsules

Our program is divided into nine subject areas, which cover all aspects of the target language and culture.


3 Ways to Engage

Through our mobile app, website and teacher’s resource pack, students build their global competence, cultural literacy and language fluency.


Mobile App

Our mobile app generates a virtual sister-school partnership, linking your students to overseas students in our exclusive school network. Together, students will complete tasks and build their understanding of each other’s environments on a safe platform, before, after or without ever having travelled abroad.



Our website provides a one-stop shop for teachers and students to access authentic photos, videos, real-time weather and currency widgets and vocabulary practice tools related to the target language and culture.



Our teacher’s resource pack is filled with printable activities, lesson plans, and highlighted vocabulary and grammar structures across all nine subjects, teaching students about the target language and culture.

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